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Racing Arms and Components

These fully adjustable, rugged arms are recommended for circle track, road racing and drag applications. They allow the user to adjust the arm length and offset to attain the ultimate suspension ­geometry required to reach the ­winner's circle. Each arm can be adjusted up to 2" in length and all ­components are ­interchangeable and may also be ordered separately - see below.

Build Your Own
Racing Arm

racing Arm 
To find out more about our racing arm program click here for a flyer explaining how to measure and order your custom arm.

 Cross Shafts

Cross Shafts
Steel or Aluminum Cross Shafts in a variety of sizes and configurations including grease fittings or bushings. Measurement is from center to center on holes. 

Complete Cross Shaft Assemblies
94100    5" Steel Stock/Mustang II    Includes 2 Straight Pivots

Customizable Cross Shafts
Part #
Shaft Hole Spacing
Racing Pivots (Order 2)
Street Pivots (Order 2)
93400 5"  Steel  92025 94014
93410 5-1/2"  Steel  92025 94014
93420 5-7/8" to 6" Steel 92025 94014
93440 6" Slotted Mount Aluminum 92025 N/A
93450 6-1/2" Steel 92025 94014
93430 6-5/16"  Steel 92025 94014
93460 6-11/16" Steel 92025 94014
93470 6-15/16" Steel 92025 94014
93480 7-3/4" Steel 92025 94014
93490 5-7/8" Tri-5 Steel 92025 94014

 AdjustingSleeves Black

Adjusting Sleeves
These sleeves are the perfect fit with our pivot studs and ball joint plates. Sold individually.
Part # Length Material
92040 3-3/4" Steel
92045 4" Aluminum
92050 5" Steel
92055 5" Aluminum
92060 6" Steel
92065 6" Aluminum
92080 8" Steel
92090 9" Steel


Ball Joint Plates
SPC Ball Joint plates in a variety of styles to complete your adjustable ­control arm along with OE style ball joints (sold separately-below). W-I-D-E 10 & 20 degree screw in ball joint plates accommodate larger coil springs being used on many late model racing chassis. The wide plate allows plenty of room for both caster and offset adjustment.
Part # Type Fits Ball Joint (not included)
92002 Chrysler Screw In Plate - 10° 94002
92003 Chrysler Screw In Flat Plate - 0° 94002
92004 Full Size GM Bolt In Plate 94004 standard
92006 Midsize GM Metric Bolt In Plate - 0° 94006 standard, 94017 extendedded
92007 GM Tri 5 Bolt In Plate 94003
92008 Left Midsize GM Metric Bolt In Plate - 20° 94006 standard, 94017 extendedded
92009 Right Midsize GM Metric Bolt In Plate - 20° 94006 standard, 94017 extendedded
92033 Wide Mouth Screw-In Plate - 10° (Right) 94002  (for larger coil springs))
92035 Wide Mouth Screw-In Plate - 20° (Drivers) 94002  (for larger coil springs))


Ball Joints
.5” Extended Length OEM Style Ball Joints
These greaseable, OEM style extended length ball joints are ideal to improve camber gain and increase control arm to frame ­clearance. Ideal for the ultimate in handling performance.

Part # Moog Equiv Description
94016 K5103.5 Lower Ball Joint for GM ‘A’ Bodies 
94018 K6145.5 Lower Ball Joint for GM ‘G’ Bodies (Press in for 95336 Lower Arm)
94017 K5208.5 Upper Ball Joint for GM Mid Size Bolt In Metric Plate
94019 K5108.5 Upper Ball Joint for GM 1st Gen ‘F’ Body & ‘A’ Body (‘64 - ‘72)

Stock Length OEM Style Ball Joints
These ball joints fit a variety of GM and Chrysler ­applications. If you are installing our Adjustable Control Arms these ball joints are the perfect fit to your ­suspension upgrade.
Part # Moog Equiv Description
94001 K5108 Early GM Metric Ball Joint OE Replacement
94002 K772 Upper Chrysler Screw-In Ball Joint
94003 K6034 Upper GM C2/C3 Corvette & Tri 5 Bolt-In Ball Joint
94004 K6024 Upper GM Full-Sized Bolt-In Ball Joint
94006 K5208 Upper GM Mid-Sized Metric Bolt-In Ball Joint
94007 K6346 Upper C4 Corvette Bolt-In Ball Joint
94008 K719 Lower Chrysler Screw-In Ball Joint
94009 K8036 Ford Mustang Upper Ball Joint
94010 K5103 GM A and F1 Body Lower Ball Joint
94011 K6145T GM F2 adn G Body Lower Ball Joint


Upper Control Arm Components
A variety of assemblies along with nuts and bolts for your arm. Sold individually.
92005 UCA End Pivot Stud (Cross Shaft End) 
92010 Right Hand Jam Nut - 3/4" - 16
92011 Left Hand Jam Nut - 3/4" - 16
92013 Pivot Plate Stud w/Nut
92014 Offset Pivot w/Bushing
92019 Lock Nut for 92014 
92021 Race Kit (threaded studs, lock nuts, bolts, jam nuts,offset pivots w/Delrin Inserts - 2 ea.)nsert - 2 ea.)
92025 Offset Race Pivot Assembly w/Delrin Inserts
94013 OE Style Bushing Only
94014 Offset Street Pivot Assembly w/OE Style Bushings
94041 Street Kit (threaded studs, lock nuts, bolts, jam nuts, OE style offset pivots- 2 ea.) - 2 ea.)
97100 Hi Strength 2 Piece Rod End - 3/4" - 16 LH

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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