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20020 - 2020 - 2021 Total Wheel Alignment Sourcebook™

Specialty Products Company is pleased to announce our NEW Total Wheel Alignment Sourcebook™ for 2020-21. This FULL LINE Sourcebook™ combines all of Specialty Products’ lines. Along with our complete line of parts, tools, accessories and information for aligning passenger cars and light trucks, this catalog incorporates our Heavy Duty, Off Road, Racing and Muscle Car products. From correcting camber on a 2019 Camry to setting up a classic ’69 Firebird for Pro Touring, and from dailing in caster and camber on a 2010 F150 to dialing in alignment angles a lifted Tacoma for off-road fun – it is now all in one easy-to-use catalog.

The new Specialty Products Sourcebook™ for 2020-2021 highlights over 45 great new parts and tools. Each of these new products and page numbers are listed inside the front cover.

Installers can check out our tech videos and more by using their smart phone. QR (Quick Response) codes are available throughout the catalog. The QR directly links the installer with videos, instructions, FAQs and more!

We also have a fully digital version available on-line. Go to: to check it out.

The detailed information and complete product offering in this Sourcebook™ make it useful for the distributor, installer and vehicle owner. The Total Wheel Alignment Sourcebook™ continues to be the industry standard.



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