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Advanced Instructor Led Alignment Training

  2015 Advanced Alignment Training Schedule

Dec 7-10, 2015  


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This course is designed for the technician or service writer who has been working in the industry for two years or more. Each class day is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. This course is approximately 50% hands-on and 50% classroom activities. Class size is limited to 8 students with a minimum of 3 students. The cost for the advanced alignment course is $350.00 person.

  • The Evolution of Alignment Angles
  • Advanced Non-alignment Related Suspension Diagnosis
  • Customer Communication
  • Diagnostic alignment angles
  • Automatic level control systems
  • Electronic Steering Systems
  • Alignment Procedures for Advance Electronic Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Four wheel steering systems
  • Installing after-market alignment products


It is the main objective of this course to familiarize each participant with the need for 4-wheel alignments, diagnosis of non-alignment related problems, expanded diagnosis of non-adjustable alignment angles, expanded understanding of 4-wheel steering system operation, installation of after-market alignment products, and the operation and diagnosis of non-computerized and computerized load leveling systems.

 To accomplish these goals, the course will cover self-leveling systems, electronic steering systems, and expanded diagnostics of non-adjustable alignment angles. Each participant will take part in actual alignment exercises to learn how to diagnose the vehicle for bent suspension components using non-adjustable alignment angles.

Advanced Alignment Class Course Goals and Objectives

After completing this class, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proper safety procedures for steering and suspension system service.
  • Recognize most types of suspension systems used in passenger vehicles.
  • Identify individual suspension system components, and understand the function of each component.
  • Inspect and test each suspension system component properly
  • Identify individual steering system components and understand the function of each component.
  • Inspect and diagnose steering system component properly.
  • Recognize the effects of worn or damaged steering or suspension system components have on the vehicle’s handling characteristics.
  • Examine and understand specific customer concerns as related to suspension and alignment.
  • Understand and explain advanced alignment angles such as Steering Axis Inclination, Included Angle, Turning Angle, and Setback.
  • Identify advanced drivability concerns such as Memory Steer and Torque Steer.
  • Read and understand common published alignment specifications
  • Describe common alignment adjustment procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to align a vehicle using published alignment specifications and procedures.
  • Explain the different types of adjustment procedures on different suspension systems.
  • Understand some of the variety of aftermarket products available for special alignment problems

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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