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10613 - ZINC SHIMS 3.5x6.25x1.0° (6)

Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Truck Axle Shims

Width - 3.5"  |  Degree - 1.0°  |  Length - 6.25"

These over-the-road heavy duty truck axle shims are a fast and accurate means to align front or rear axles of most popular tandem trailers and trucks. Specialty Products' new Zinc Alloy shims offer another level of performance versus our traditional aluminum shims. For a small cost increase versus aluminum, you now have the hardness of our premium manganese bronze shims and a much improved compression strength as compared to aluminum shims.

Note: Ordering one Part Number supplies six shims in a box. When placing order spring pad length and width is needed.

On all shims - if you are using "Z Blocks" or other axle spacers you need to spread the load to prevent the shim from crushing. Check out SPC's HD Axle Spacer Plate below to solve this common problem.
3" Wide - #10598  |  3.5" Wide - #10698  |  4" Wide - #10798

Maganese Bronze Alloy Shim #10614  |  Aluminum Alloy Shim #10612

Specialty Products carries Truck Axle Caster Shims in three different alloys, giving the technician the opportunity to match price point and mechanical requirements to meet their customer's needs.



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