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Tire wear problems and solutions

Your tires can tell you a lot about your alignment issues.

 What is alignment?
 Benefits of a proper alignment
 Alignment Angles

tirewear shoulder web
Worn on one shoulder
1. Excessive Camber (High or Low)
2. Excessive Toe In or Toe Out
3. Lack of proper rotation
1. Total 4 Wheel Alignment
2. Replace or relocate worn tires
3. Rotate tires at regular intervals 


tirewear over-under web
Worn on center of tire or both sides
1. Running tires underinflated (both shoulders)
2. Running tires over inflated (center wear)
3. Overloading vehicle
4. Possible combination of camber and toe problems
5. Lack of proper rotation
6. Improper tire & wheel fitment
1. Check tire pressure weekly    
2. Rotate tires at regular intervals
3. Total 4 Wheel Alignment
4. Check loading of vehicle
tirewear cupping web
Feather edging or cupping
1. Worn suspension parts
2. Wheel balance
3. Worn out shock absorbers
4. Internal tire problem
5. Combination of worn parts and alignment problems
1.    Inspect and replace worn parts
2.    Check wheel balance
3.    Replace tires
4.    Total 4 Wheel Alignment

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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