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Benefits of a proper alignment

A correct alignment has more benefits than prolonged tire wear.

 What is alignment?
 Tire wear problems and solutions
 Alignment Angles

Benefits Website Tirewear
Prolong Tire Life
The reason most people get an alignment. With the high cost of tires, it is important to get the most out of your investment.
Benefits Website Handling
Improve Handling
Increase stability in severe weather and on bad roads. Can help to elminate vehicle 'pull'.
Benefits Website Gas 
Increase Gas Mileage
Use less fuel and save fuel dollars. Great for the wallet and for the environment.
Benefits Website Suspension
Reduce Suspension Parts Wear
Minimize future repair costs.
Benefits Website Safety
Improve Safety
Help eliminate unsafe drifting and unstable steering problems.

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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