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Jeep JK Suspension Tuning


SPC has a variety of suspension tuning solutions for this popular off-road platform. Our direct-fit front and rear control arms add strength, and articulation ­flex­ibility to your stock-height or ‘lifted’ Wrangler. We have also have Pin Joints, Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeves, Camber Shims and Rear Caster/Pinion Adjusting Bolts for JKs.

Jeep JK Suspension Arm Series
Jeep JK Pin Joints
Jeep JK Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeves
Jeep JK Camber Shims
Jeep JK Rear Caster/Pinion Adjusting Bolts

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Suspension Arm Series
These direct-fit control arms add strength, and articulation ­flex­ibility to your stock-height or ‘lifted’ Wrangler. They feature SPC’s xAxis™ sealed flex joints to provide bind-free ‘twist’ between the frame and axle during articulation and O.E. ‘Clevite’ bushings for long service life and reduced N.V.H. Main tubes are D.O.M steel to provide strength for large tires and aggressive gearing. Bent arms provide additional clearance for taller/wider tires.
13410 - Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm w/xAxis™
Front Adjustment Range: Caster & Pinion ±3.0°

13420 - Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arm w/xAxis™
Rear Adjustment Range: Pinion ±3.0°
13415 - Front Lower Control Arm w/xAxis™
Front Replacement Part
13425 - Rear Lower Control Arm w/xAxis™
Rear Replacement Part

Pin Joints
Change caster and camber with this upper offset pin joint that replaces the OEM pin joint. Use Installation Sleeve set 23580 in ­con­junction with 72509 Ball Joint Press for removal and installation of these pin joints.
23510 - Cam/Cas ±.50°
23520 - Cam/Cas ±1.0°
23530 - Cam/Cas ±1.50°
23540 - Cam/Cas ±2.0°

Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeves
These adjustable hex shaped sleeves replace the round tie rod sleeve to assure ease of adjustment without slippage. Recommended when the existing sleeve is damaged or when replacing a tie rod end for easy adjustment.
23605 - Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeve
Front Replacement Part

Jeep JK Camber Shims
Change camber +0.5° or +1.0° on popular Jeep models by installing this shim between the hub and steering ­knuckle. A caliper shim is also included for use on WJ, KJ, and JK models. These durable high-strength nylon shims provide a faster option for cor­recting ­negative ­camber issues.
26012 - Camber ±.50°
26014 - Camber ±1.0°

Jeep JK Caster/ Pinion Adjusting Bolts
These cams replace the front axle bolt to provide ­caster and pinion angle (up to ±3° total change).
To elongate OEM bolt holes on the #82390 use our knock out punch - 74910. Front caster will change as you adjust pinion angle. Use our offset pin joints (above) for additional caster ­adjustment and to adjust camber.
82390 - For Front & Rear

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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