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The JounceShock is a patented ­form of bump shock that will ­maximize the capacity and ­performance of your suspension. The ­nitrogen charged ­secondary shock adds ­additional ­compression damping and ­controlled rebound to your vehicle’s system. The result is: exponential suspension ­bottoming ­protection, increased ­stability and ­handling at all speeds, and reduced stress and loads for both the vehicle and driver.

  • Eliminate suspension bottoming
  • Increase stability and improve handling at all speeds
  • Enhance rock crawling ability
  • Improve towing stability and load capacity
Double your suspension capacity
  • Off-Road Racing
  • Lifted Trucks
  • Rock Racing
  • Rock Crawling
  • Recreational Off-Road
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Stock Trucks
What to expect from your JounceShock-
Most systems are designed such that the JounceShocks do not engage the suspension of your vehicle at ride height. Therefore the system does not usually alter the ride height or on-road ride quality of your vehicle. When you have a heavy payload or take your vehicle off-road, your suspension will compress more and engage the JounceShocks.

How a JounceShock works-
When the suspension compresses it drives the shaft of the JounceShock into the JounceShock body. The shaft compresses the nitrogen volume and since the nitrogen is in a closed cylinder, the nitrogen pressure increases dramatically as it compresses. This gives a smooth exponential increase in force (like an air spring) instead of the force spike that occurs when typical suspension systems bottom out.


1.5" Travel JounceShock
6" extended unit is great for tight spaces with 1:1 up to 3:1 motion ratios.
 - 2-3/8" Bore
 - Adjustable nitrogen pressure and oil fill
 - Adjustable Rebound
 - 6.22" Extended
 - 4.72"  Compressed
  25710   jounceshock15techdraw

3.0" Travel JounceShock
9" long base unit is ideal for 1:1 motion ratios.
- 2-3/8" Bore
 - Adjustable nitrogen pressure and oil fill
 - Adjustable Rebound
 - 9.22" Extended
 - 6.22" Compressed
  25715   jounceshock15techdraw

JounceShock Accessories/Mounts
  25712 - JounceShock Rebuild Kits
The seals, O-Rings, wear bands, and valve pieces needed to rebuild your JounceShocks. 25712 Kit ­includes ­everything you need to rebuild 1 shock. Includes the Shock Valve Extension (below) for ­recharging your JounceShock.
  25515 - Valve Extension
Required to adjust nitrogen pressure in JounceShocks. Included with our Rebuild Kits (above).
  25520 - Pin Wrench Set
This versatile pin wrench set of two double-ended tools is specially ­engineered to cover 7 different ­diameters: 2", 2-3/16", 2-1/4", 2-3/4", 2-7/8", 3", and 3-1/4".  These sizes are ­perfect for working with JounceShock and JounceShock End Mounts. This economical pin wrench set would be an excellent addition to any builder's tool box.
  25501 - 15° Flex Mount
This mount can be welded or bolted to your mounting point, ­giving you 7.5° of articulation in any direction and will most often be used with the Cupped Foot and Domed Target kits (part nos. 25601, 25613).
25505 - Fixed Mount
The Fixed Mount can be welded to your existing structure. It ­provides a simple attachment point for your JounceShock and will most often be used with the Domed Foot on the shaft end of the shock (part nos. 25602, 25604, 25605).
25508 - Concentric Carrier/Bolt-On Mount
The Concentric Carrier/Bolt on Mount can be sandwiched above your spring upper seat or bolted to the bottom of a frame. Plate can be trimmed as needed to bolt or weld to your frame.
  25530 - Frame Side Mount
This universal Mount provides a ­versatile bolt/ welded on option to mount your JounceShock in a ixed position, such as the side of your frame rail (trim-to-fit).
Cupped Foot & Domed Target
The Cupped Foot and bolt/welded on Domed Target are ­typically used with the Flex Mount to assure ideal JounceShock alignment through your vehicle’s suspension travel.
 25601  Delrin Cup Foot & Carbon Steel Target
 25613  90A Rubber Cupped Foot  (Quiet Ride) & Carbon Steel Target
 25606  90A Rubber Cupped Foot only
  Domed Foot
The Domed Foot screws directly into the shaft of the JounceShock. This is the traditional bump shock end and is most often used in applications with some ‘scrub’ (lateral motion) on a Target Plate. It can also be used in conjunction with the Shaft ­Extension Kit (part no. 25603). Your choice of materials.
 25602  Delrin Mid-range ride, long life
 25604  UHMW ­Harsher ride, ­extremely long life
 25605  90A Rubber Quiet Ride, shorter life

On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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