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Heavy Duty

Whether you drive a class 8 rig, a motor home or a fleet vehicle, Specialty Products has wheel centering products that will keep your hub piloted wheel in proper alignment. Install our wheel centering products on your truck or fleet and start saving money NOW! Simple the BEST solution for tire vibration and erratic wear.



HD tools

hubpilotill   Are you experiencing any of the following?
  • Wheel Vibrations?
  • Wheel Hop?
  • Brake Pedal Pulsation
  • Erratic Tire Wear?
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption?
You may have an off center wheel due to hub pilot spacing. Due to the weight of the wheel, the upper and lower pilots allow some space between the wheel stud and the wheel. This can cause an "egg-shaped" motion to occur which could cause the above ride quality issues. SPC offers a full line of tools and leave on solutions for a variety of vehicles.
Benefits Applications
Increased Fuel Mileage Semi Trucks and Trailers
Increased Tire Life Heavy & Medium Duty Trucks
Decreased Tire Vibration School Busses
Cuts Rebalancing costs Fleet Vehicles
Reduces Tire Cupping Motor Coaches

Specialty Products Company offers a variety of solutions for correcting wheel centering issues. Tool sets are available that can be used on multiple vehicles. In addition there are also wheel centering sleeves that are a "leave-on solution". These machines sleeves also center the brake drum. Click below for more information on each product.

Wheel Centering Tools
These tools slide directly over the wheel studs in the 12, 4, and 8 o'clock positions. The wheel is then installed over the tools, the stud nuts added to the exposed studs and tightened. The wheel is now centered precisely. The centering tools are removed and the final stud nuts are added - torquing all nuts to mfg. specifications. For more click here.
  Wheel/Brake Drum Centering Sleeves and Steer/Drive External Sleeves


The Wheel/Brake Drum Threadless Sleeve Sets center both steer axle wheels and bake drums to reduce vibrations, brake pedal pulsations and wheel hop. The Steer/Drive External Sleeves slide over the studs to reduce 'wheel-off' condition. For more on both click here.
  Brake Drum Spacers
33130 These spacers are used with either our Centering Pins or external sleeves to center brake drum holes to stud. Stays on the brake drum to help center. For more click here.

Wheel Centering Accessories
These accessories will make installing our centering sleeves fast and easy.
Electric Drill Wire Brush used to clean wheel holes before mounting.
33172 - Deburr Knife
Deburring Knife helps to remove damaged edges on wheel holes.

20106 - Wheel Centering Tool Counter Mat
Create extra sales at the counter with this great teaching tool from SPC. This high quality, 2-sided counter mat explains the problems caused by off-centered wheels and the benefits of using our Wheel Centering Sleeves on one side and lists our popular Tandem Truck Shims and our Truck Axle Shims on the other. 11” x 17”



On-site Service

Please Note: While SPC does not offer direct on-site service of vehicles, our experienced techs are here to help answer any alignment questions you may have through our email form and FAQ section.


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